What is Digital Coaching?

Digital coaching will deliver measurable improvement in your professional communications, without costly travel or time out from work. It is a flexible, customized web-based training solution that can strengthen your career and increase your opportunities.

Digital coaching is a comprehensive package of structured feedback, tailored tasks and one-to-one Skype sessions that can be entirely built around your schedule and needs. It strengthens your career by giving you responsive, real-time support anywhere you need it, any time you need it.

I am an experienced digital coach with many years experience of distance course teaching at the Award-winning Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm.

How does it work?

Every course begins with a free diagnostic meeting via Skype, where we identify target areas in your performance that you would like to improve. We decide the number of tasks and feedbacks we will begin working with and the overall timeline for the collaboration.

If you use genuine work tasks as part of your coaching, the feedback, advice, guidance and support you receive can dramatically and permanently increase the success and quality of your work.

The proven positives of structured feedback

Structured feedback is at the heart of digital coaching. In 2009 education guru John Hattie put together a global meta-survey representing the views of millions of students. He found that the single most important factor in positive learning experiences and the student’s personal development was feedback.

Structured feedback steers your progress, sets goals for continuous achievable improvement, offers insights, inspiration and concrete tips on how you can improve your English performance, and it’s fun to read, to respond to and to interact with.

We all perform better and get better results with a coach. So call now, and start the journey to improvement today.


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