B2B toolbox

Are you part of the B2B renaissance?

With high-concept, multi-media, app and social based campaigns these are exciting times for B2B agencies. These days B2B advertising is a creative force to be reckoned with. The old days of B2B agencies following a predominantly journalistic model are gone. In terms of creative and digital innovation B2B agencies are now at the cutting edge of communication, and way ahead of the field.

So what are the latest creative and business successes for B2B? Which agencies are the ones to watch? What are the most compelling and successful campaigns? Which industries are on the move?

And what are the deep essentials of B2B? How is it different to B2C and how is it the same?

If you are an agency working in B2C looking to grow and develop your B2B client base, this is an essential business intelligence workshop, sharing the key success factors, trends and do’s and don’ts of one of the most successful  areas in advertising today.



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