The right training delivers the right results

The right kind of communication training delivers results. Results that are often way more positive, concrete and long-term than students first expect. In the training I’ve carried out at companies like SKF, Ericsson, Gambro, Siemens, Cap Gemini, Handelsbanken and Electrolux I’ve seen it time and time again.

Teams and individuals achieving better results, growing more confident, earning more attention and praise. All because they found the right training in the right skills at the right time .

Strengthen your performance

The right kind of communication training helps you:

  • Strengthen your performance during tough economic times.
  • Develop new, bankable skills and strengthen the skills you already have.
  • Reach ambitious but achievable goals, set clearly with your coach.
  • Increase your motivation, creativity, persistence and energy.

Customized, client-centered courses

I have developed courses for engineering companies, energy companies, telcos, medtech, retail, banking, PR companies and advertising agencies. Every company is different, and every company has its own strengths, and challenges ,which training is there to solve.

I customize all courses, including the length of the course, to each client’s needs. Most of my courses can be run over 3 – 5 sessions (2-3 hours per session) or whole-day or half-day intensives.

The more naturally the training integrates into your working reality, the broader and deeper the benefits and results.

I currently teach regularly at the Award-winning Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm.

Courses that deliver concrete, measurable results.

I’ve taught groups and individuals, long-term and short-term courses, specialist workshops solving specific problems and broad motivational sessions to hundreds of people in arenas and conferences.

With my background in drama and the performing arts you’ll remember my training.

But most of all you’ll see the results.

Contact me:

+46 73 718 2561