Presentations, performance and dramaturgy:

You have the power within you.

And the right kind of training can release it.

I believe everyone can make their performance amazing. With the right kind of support.

Performance, the word says it all. No wonder people get scared. Wherever we are, whatever the arena, our performance is measured. And we fail or succeed, we win or lose, we rise or fall on our performance.

But real performance isn’t like that.

As a former professional actor and drama teacher I know that real performance is a thing of joy,not fear.

It is exhilarating, not nerve-wracking.

In real performance the audience doesn’t measure you, they are with you.

In real performance the actor and audience join together, sensing and bouncing off each other every moment. A real performance is deeply participatory. A real performance is a shared moment of understanding and emotion, a shared experience.

A real performance is not a copy or imitation of life; it is life at its most lived.

Which is why when we say “an act of love” or “an act of murder”, we mean the real thing.

As a trainer helping people with their performances, and as an experienced speech writer and dramaturge helping at events, I draw on all my theatrical and drama experience to let clients relax, work and love the moment. To let them get inside real performance and love it for what it is: A brilliant opportunity to connect.

I know everyone can achieve a brilliant performance, because I’ve seen it for myself.

As a drama teacher I adapted and staged successful international children’s’ productions of Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Frankenstein and A Christmas Carol.

Seeing children of different ages, nationalities, backgrounds, colour – all eagerly embracing Shakespeare, having no problem whatsoever with the language, loving the language, getting the plots, cherishing the moves, has given me a powerful belief in the universal communicative power of drama, dramaturgy, spontaneous and rehearsed performance, storytelling and theatre.

I worked as a theatre actor for almost a decade, from 1984-1993. As an actor I was nominated for an Edinburgh Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh International Festival in 1990. A Fringe First is kind of like an Oscar in theatre terms. Every year about 3000 performances from all over the world are staged at the Edinburgh Festival. Around 10 are shortlisted for the Fringe First Award.

I worked with classical character acting (Shakespeare, Wide, Synge) physical theatre, and with “Theatre in the Round.” Developed by Brecht and English pioneers Stephen Joseph and R.G.Gregory “The Round” is a pioneering participatory form of theatre that breaks down the “fourth wall” and emphasizes spontaneity, group communication and storytelling.

I passionately believe everyone and anyone can perform, communicate and interact powerfully, charismatically, naturally and spontaneously in any public situation, given the right tools and the right support.

But I don’t just believe it, I’ve seen it.

Time and time again.

My training offers business professionals the chance to harness the power of their own story, dramaturgy and actions. As a script writer, event director or dramaturge I can help them break down the fourth wall, put their message center stage and achieve a moment of powerful, effective connection.

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