Copywriting, training, translation:

Reaching tomorrow’s customers… today

Hi! My name’s Mark Du Bois. I’m a copywriter, translator and communications trainer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I teach in-company and at the award-winning Berghs School of Communication.

Creativity has never been as vital for business success as it is today.

Over the next 50 years your company will be competing with the billion new people who will be born every 12 years. We have no idea which channels these people will use. But we do know that genuine creativity is always new, always fresh, will always speak out and always be heard.

As a copywriter, copyeditor and translator I have written for Ericsson, Gambro and Sanofi Aventis, to name but a few. I work regularly as a digital coach and mentor and hold workshops on a wide range of communications issues.

I’d love to talk to you about helping your company. So please, get in contact! Let’s talk today!


Say NO to phone rage!

Excellent phone performance can boost your company’s success in an increasingly global, mobile market. This intensive course shares tools and solutions to help non-native speakers communicate persuasively without eye-to-eye contact. Increase customer satisfaction, deepen customer relationships and grow sales and profits. Pick up the phone now: +46 73 718 2561.

Digital coaching

Digital coaching delivers measurable improvement in your professional performance with no travel costs or time out from work. Flexible, customized and web-based, it is entirely built around your schedule and needs. Strengthen your career and get support, skills and stimulation wherever and whenever you need them. 

Shakespeare: Copywriter

Give your staff an unforgettably inspiring experience! Discover the timeless rhetorical secrets of the world’s most successful dramatist in a 90-minute masterclass from experienced actor Mark Du Bois. This inspiring event will give your staff communication tools they can use immediately, and treasure for years. Ideal for large groups.